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Bahasa inggrisnya hp

Bahasa inggrisnya hp


Bahasa inggrisnya hp


The word ‘hp’ in English does not exactly exist. If one refers to the gadget that one uses everyday like a phone but also for other function, then the proper word is ‘mobile phone’/ ‘cellphone’/ ‘smartphone’.



In dealing with translation, one has to consider two elements below so that there will be no confusion for the speaker of both languages. Those two elements are

The word ‘hp’ in English does not exactly exist. It is actually Indonesian term made into English. HP or handphone came from the Indonesian context that a phone which is brought by our hand anywhere withour wire/ cable. Back then there was a gadget called HT or handy talkie, a tool for close-range communication often used for security, which was also like a mobile phone in the early generation in l990s. No wonder the term was known afterwards.


  • In English context, ‘hp’ is the phone which can be brought anywhere when you are in mobility or on the move, that’s why the vocabulary for it is ‘mobile phone’.
  • Another version, ‘hp’ is a phone which was developed from cellular technology. That’s why the term ‘cellphone‘ emerges.
  • In the later development, a mobile phone can turn into any kind of gadget with various function from camera to mini computer which even. It’s considered as a smart technological product, especially with the rise of IPhone. Thus, the term ‘smartphone‘ came to exist.


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