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Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and temples, but also for its unique language. Balinese language or Bahasa Bali is still widely used by locals in their daily conversations. In this article, we will take a look at a conversation between five people in Bahasa Bali.


Pertama is a young man who is meeting with his friends at a café. He greets them with a warm smile and says, “Selamat siang teman-teman, apa kabar?” which means “Good afternoon, friends, how are you?” His friends reply, “Kami baik-baik saja, terima kasih.” or “We are doing well, thank you.”


Kedua is a woman who just arrived at the café. She walks up to the table and says, “Permisi, boleh saya duduk di sini?” which means “Excuse me, may I sit here?” Her friends welcome her and say, “Tentu saja, silahkan duduk.” or “Of course, please sit.”


Ketiga is a man who is ordering drinks for the group. He asks, “Apa yang ingin kalian minum?” which means “What would you like to drink?” His friends reply with their orders, such as “Saya mau kopi hitam.” or “I want black coffee.”


Keempat is a woman who is planning a trip with her friends. She suggests, “Bagaimana kalau kita pergi ke pantai besok?” which means “How about we go to the beach tomorrow?” Her friends agree and say, “Baik ide, saya setuju.” or “Good idea, I agree.”


Kelima is a man who is discussing a recent news article with his friends. He says, “Kalian sudah baca berita tentang gempa di Lombok?” which means “Have you read the news about the earthquake in Lombok?” His friends express their concern and say, “Ya, saya sangat prihatin.” or “Yes, I am very concerned.”


Keenam is a woman who is complimenting her friend’s outfit. She says, “Kamu terlihat cantik sekali dengan baju itu.” which means “You look very beautiful in that dress.” Her friend thanks her and says, “Terima kasih, kamu juga terlihat menawan.” or “Thank you, you also look charming.”


Ketujuh is a man who is asking his friends for advice. He says, “Aku bingung memilih antara dua pekerjaan ini, kalian ada saran?” which means “I am confused between choosing these two jobs, do you have any advice?” His friends give him their opinions and say, “Menurutku yang ini lebih cocok buat kamu.” or “In my opinion, this one is more suitable for you.”


Kedelapan is a woman who is sharing a funny story with her friends. She says, “Tadi pagi aku hampir terlambat kerja karena kucingku ngelap kaki di sepatuku.” which means “This morning I almost got late for work because my cat wiped his feet on my shoes.” Her friends laugh and say, “Lucu sekali, kucingmu memang nakal ya.” or “That’s so funny, your cat is mischievous.”


Kesembilan is a man who is talking about his favorite hobby. He says, “Aku suka sekali bermain musik, kamu juga suka?” which means “I really enjoy playing music, do you like it too?” His friends share their interests and say, “Aku suka berenang dan bersepeda.” or “I like swimming and cycling.”


Kesepuluh is a woman who is asking for directions. She says, “Maaf, saya tidak tahu jalan ke hotel ini. Bisa tolong arahkan?” which means “Excuse me, I don’t know the way to this hotel. Can you please give me directions?” Her friends guide her and say, “Kamu harus belok kanan di pertigaan itu.” or “You have to turn right at that intersection.”


Kesebelas is a man who is commenting on the weather. He says, “Hari ini sangat panas ya, aku ingin minum es kelapa.” which means “It’s very hot today, I want to have coconut ice.” His friends agree and say, “Benar sekali, sepertinya pantai lebih asyik dari pada di kantor.” or “Absolutely, it seems more fun to be at the beach than in the office.”


Keduabelas is a woman who is discussing her favorite restaurant with her friends. She says, “Kalian harus mencoba makanan di warung itu, enak sekali.” which means “You should try the food at that stall, it’s very delicious.” Her friends express their curiosity and say, “Terima kasih, aku akan pergi mencobanya nanti.” or “Thank you, I will go try it later.”


Ketigabelas is a man who is sharing his travel experiences with his friends. He says, “Aku baru saja pulang dari perjalanan ke Jepang, sangat menyenangkan.” which means “I just came back from a trip to Japan, it was very enjoyable.” His friends ask him about his favorite places and say, “Wah, pasti banyak tempat yang indah ya.” or “Wow, there must be many beautiful places.”


Keempatbelas is a woman who is talking about her family. She says, “Aku punya dua orang kakak dan satu adik, mereka semua tinggal di Bali juga.” which means “I have two older siblings and one younger sibling, they all live in Bali too.” Her friends ask her about her relationship with them and say, “Apakah kamu dekat dengan mereka?” or “Are you close to them?”


Kelimabelas is a man who is expressing his gratitude towards his friends. He says, “Terima kasih banyak sudah mengajakku berkumpul, sangat menyenangkan.” which means “Thank you so much for inviting me to gather, it’s very enjoyable.” His friends reply and say, “Sama-sama, senang bisa berkumpul denganmu.” or “You’re welcome, glad to gather with you.”


Keenambelas is a woman who is talking about her work. She says, “Aku sangat sibuk di kantor akhir-akhir ini, tapi aku tetap berusaha menyeimbangkan waktu.” which means “I am very busy at the office lately, but I still try to balance my time.” Her friends ask her about her tasks and say, “Apa saja yang harus kamu kerjakan?” or “What are the tasks that you have to do?”


Ketujuhbelas is a man who is discussing his favorite TV show with his friends. He says, “Aku suka sekali nonton serial itu, ceritanya sangat menarik.” which means “I really enjoy watching that series, the story is very interesting.” His friends ask him about the plot and say, “Ceritanya tentang apa sih?” or “What is the story about?”


Kedelapanbelas is a woman who is talking about her plans for the weekend. She says, “Aku ingin pergi ke pasar tradisional dan mencari bahan masakan yang baru.” which means “I want to go to the traditional market and find new cooking ingredients.” Her friends ask her about her culinary skills and say, “Apakah kamu suka memasak?” or “Do you like to cook?”


Kesembilanbelas is a man who is making a joke with his friends. He says, “Apa bedanya antara singa dan kucing? Saat kucing marah, dia menggaruk tanganmu, tapi saat singa marah, dia menggaruk tubuhmu.” which means “What’s the difference between a lion and a cat? When a cat is angry, it scratches your hand, but when a lion is angry, it scratches your body.” His friends laugh and say, “Lucu sekali, kamu pasti punya banyak lelucon ya.” or “That’s so funny, you must have many jokes.”


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